Poshlyf Microfiber 40cm x 40cm 300 GSM (3 units)

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MICROFIBER 40CM x 40CM  300 GSM  RED (3unit)

Discover the Poshlyf Microfiber 40cm x 40cm 300 GSM, the ultimate all-purpose cleaning companion!

Key features

  • Versatile Application: Perfect for cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, mopping, drying, detailing, and wiping - the #1 pick for a variety of cleaning activities.
  • Durable and Soft: Enjoy superior quality and tenderness at an incomparable value.
  • Endless Uses: Ideal for homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, bars, pets, sports, automobiles, and more!
  • Efficient Cleaning: These non-abrasive, 100% split microfibre towels easily clean any surface in and around your home and car.
  • Recommended Uses: All-purpose cleaning for homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, pubs, pets, sports, and cars.

Professional Cleaning Tips

  1. Optimised Cleaning parts: Fold the towel in quarters to generate eight distinct fresh cleaning parts. Rotate to the next clean part as needed to maximise efficiency.
  2. Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Use the magic of microfibre to clean with just water and minimum chemicals.

Multi-functional Design

  • Soft, label-free, and non-abrasive for efficient and safe cleaning.
  • Use damp for basic cleaning, wet for scrubbing extremely filthy areas, and dry for dusting.

Built To Last

  • Extra-strong overlock border stitching increases durability.
  • Tested for 30 full car washes to ensure durability and performance.

Best-In-Class Construction

  • The slightly rounded corners and single-corner stitch border distinguish it from cheaply made terry towels with lesser quality four-corner stitching.

High Absorbency

  • Absorbs up to 7-10 times its weight in moisture, making it an efficient green cleaning option for removing dust and debris without using chemicals.

Safe for electronics

  • It is gentle and safe to use on all electronic devices.

Exceptional durability

  • With careful care, it may withstand anywhere from 30 to over 100 washes, assuring long-term performance.

Poshlyf Microfiber is the top-rated fabric for efficiency, durability, and versatility. Every wipe delivers the power of sophisticated cleaning technology!

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