Poshlyf Drier Superb 600 GSM Black Microfiber Titaniumline 60cmx40cm(1 Unit)

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Poshlyf DRIER Superb 600 GSM Titaniumline 60cmx40cm

Drier Superb  drying towel that has the “flop” and satisfying weight that many people love in drying towels (600gsm). Featuring a premium 70/30 blend and hemmed "hidden" edge, this large towel is tough on water but soft on paint. Compared to our other premium drying towels, the "drier" features a longer “loop” design and a unique color to our drying towel lineup. Everyone has a preference when it comes to drying towels, but the "DRIER" is our recommendation for anyone new to microfiber drying towels. 




  • GSM:  600 GSM
  • Blend:  70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide
  • Weave:  Twist Loop
  • Border / Edging:  Laser Cut
  • Country of Origin:  South Korea

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