Poshlyf Chipmunk Extreme Drying Towel 600 GSM Grey with Border 80cm x 50cm (1 unit)

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The groundbreaking CHIPMUNK EXTREME DRYING TOWEL in elegant Grey is a game changer in high-quality detailing towels, winning the hearts of both automobile enthusiasts and experts. Crafted with a super-drying quality Korean 70/30 blend and boasting a proprietary twist-loop hybrid design, this towel redefines absorbency, making it the top choice for automakers, collector vehicle organisations, and detailing experts around.

Key features

  • Premium Korean Microfiber (900gsm 70/30 Blend): Choose our 100% Premium Korean microfiber for unrivalled quality, excellent touch, and performance.
  • Innovative Design: With a proprietary twist-loop hybrid design that alternates between twist loop and soft plush strips, you may achieve the highest level of drying efficiency.
  • Versatile Applications: Outperforms typical drying towels in terms of speed, thoroughness, and gentleness when cleaning all automobile surfaces.
  • Quick Moisture Wicking: Draws moisture into the fibres for efficient and safe drying.
  • Extra Soft and Absorbent: Experience a soft and absorbent touch that allows for quick drying between usage.
  • Scratch-Free Use: The tag-free design eliminates the chance of scratches during use.
  • Suggested Uses: This flexible detailing tool is ideal for a variety of car care applications.
  • Preferred by auto enthusiasts. The Chipmunk, made of high-quality Korean microfiber, is a popular choice among vehicle enthusiasts.
  • Detailer Standards: Meets or surpasses the most demanding performance and durability specifications established by experienced detailers.
  • Extreme Durability: Designed to withstand hundreds of washes while becoming softer with each use.

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