Menzerna Super Finish 3500 250ml (SF 3500 250ml)

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Menzerna Super Finish 3500 250ml (SF 3500 250ml)


Gloss-enhancing polish for today’s high solids, scratch-resistant paints.

Note: Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 is the new and improved version of Super Finish SF-4000. In addition to improving the formula, Menzerna has changed the name and label. It is currently only available to select retailers.

Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 is currently used in Mercedes plants in Germany and in auto plants throughout the U.S. to create the reflective gloss on brand new scratch-resistant paint finishes. We are pleased to carry the very same polish in its original packaging that is supplied to car plants by Menzerna.

Super Finish SF-3500 is capable of removing 2500 grit sanding scratches, haze from compounding, light swirls, and mild oxidation while restoring a glassy, smooth shine.

On older finishes, use Menzerna Super Intensive Polish first to remove deeper swirls and scratches. Then use Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 to restore the optimum gloss on dark paints.

Though Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 has enough cut to polish ceramic clear coats, it will not introduce new swirls, even on conventional clear coats.

Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 was developed for the OEM market so it contains no silicone, waxes, glazes, or fillers. It is water-based and virtually dust-free.

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a professional polish. Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 is extremely easy to use. It’s a thick, water-based formula that can even be applied by hand if desired. The abrasives are so finely milled that inducing swirls is virtually impossible.

Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 is one of the most impressive polishes on the market for versatility, ease of use, and shine-enhancing ability. If you have a vehicle with a ceramic clear coat or a conventional clear coat, you haven’t seen its full potential until you try this polish.

Application by hand:

Mist the any good applicator pad with a light spray of quick detailer to moisten the foam. Apply a nickel size amount of Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 to the applicator.
Work in a back and forth, overlapping motion until the area starts to dry. Wipe off the polish with a damp Microfiber Towel. Work in 2 x 2 sq. ft. sections until the entire vehicle is done.

Application by Machine:

Make sure the surface to be polished is clean and dry. Fresh paint should be fully cured. Apply Super Finish SF-3500 out of direct sunlight.
Use a light to soft foam finishing pad, like Menzerna Premium Yellow Pad. Apply a 6 inch line of compound to the vehicle. With the polisher turned off, spread the polish over about a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area.
Polish at 1200-1800 RPM (5000-6000 OPM on a dual action polisher) working slowly across and then up and down the area. Check your work after several passes to see if the defects have been removed. If so, reduce the pressure and continue buffing until a high gloss is achieved. If the pad becomes dry, mist it with water and continue buffing.
Wipe the area with a damp microfiber cloth.
Always apply a wax or sealant after polishing. We recommend Menzerna Power Lock to seal in the shine with its long-lasting polymer formula.


  • One of our favorite polishes that removes, oxidation, swirls, and light imperfections
  • Easy to use with long work times and easy removal
  • Most commonly applied with a Menzerna Yellow Premium Pad for a great combination of polishing power and gloss
  • Super Finish 3500 helps create the shine which you can enhance with any sealant or wax afterward
  • The industry standard for polishing scratch-resistant clear coats
  • Removes 2500 grit sanding marks on fresh scratch-resistant and conventional clear coats
  • Cuts fast, leaves little dust and produces an amazing gloss
  • The updated formula to Menzerna Super Finish 4000 or SF4000

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