Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection 250 ml

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The best option for a deep shine and long-lasting protection is Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant, which will improve the look of your car and maintain its finish. This solution, which is Menzerna's first pure sealant, creates a strong, imperceptible barrier against a variety of impurities, such as road filth, brake dust, moisture, insects, dirt, and dust.

Important characteristics

Durable Sealant Technology

  • Offers a durable seal to preserve colour brightness and guard against different pollutants.

Simple Cleaning Procedure

  • Repels contaminants, making future vehicle cleaning easier and safer.

Exceptional Shine

  • Outshines certain sealants with their cheap plastic-like appearance with a beautiful shine that improves the appearance of any colour paint.

Adaptable Use

  • Apply by hand or with a buffer, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Stylish End

  • Provides an incredibly smooth finish that improves the outside feel and look of the car.

Outstanding Manufacturer Standing

  • Produced by Menzerna, a well-known manufacturer of superior detailing products, guaranteeing outstanding functionality.

Simple to Use

  • Apply with efficiency with a Rupes LHR 15 or by hand with a foam applicator or microfiber applicator.

Long-Lasting Protection

  • Depending on the circumstances, anticipate 3-6 strong months of protection that offers dependable and long-lasting functionality.

High-Tech Polymer Technology

  • Formulated to provide optimal gloss, slickness, and protection using the highest concentration of cutting-edge German polymers.

Adaptable Performance

  • Delivers exceptional results in improving the appearance of automotive paint, outperforming alternative sealants and matching the best carnauba paste wax.

For enthusiasts looking for the best shine, least amount of upkeep, and most effective protection, Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant is the recommended option. Menzerna is a name you can depend for exceptional quality, so enhance your detailing experience with them.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details Menzerna Polishing Compounds GmbH & Co. KG Industriestraße 25 76470 Ötigheim Germany
Brand Menzerna
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 22cm × 5.5cm
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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