Power Lock Ultimate Protection 1 Ltr

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Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection 1 Ltr

Durable Sealant that locks in the Colour and keeps contaminants out.

Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant is Menzerna’s first pure sealant that will give your paint

a deep shine and valuable protection. The polymers tightly link together to form an invisible

barrier against all kinds of contaminants. It will repel industrial fallout, road grime, brake dust,

moisture, bugs, dirt, dust, etc. This makes cleaning your vehicle in the future much easier and safer.

The Power Lock also offers an amazing shine that makes any color paint look amazing.

It does not have that cheap plastic like look, instead it has a deeper shine and gloss that rivals

carnauba waxes. You can apply this product by hand or with a buffer.

Use the Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant and you’ll see why Menzerna is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of high quality detailing supplies.

The description couldn’t be written any more perfect.

We love that product and how easy it is to use

so Menzerna has added

yet another superior product to their detailing arsenal. Did I mention it is extremely slick too?

You can apply using a Rupes LHR 15 or by hand. When using the Rupes a Blue or Black soft pad works best. One quarter sized drop will go a long way. Apply until the product residue is barely visible, then add more.If you are applying by hand, simply use a Microfiber Applicator or a Foam Applicator and apply. The one thing you don’t have to worry about is this sealant sticking to the paint. Make your way around the entire car then come back to wipe away using your microfibre.

You can expect 3-6 solid months of protection depending on conditions.

Menzerna Power Lock Paint Sealant offers the latest polymer technology that not only lasts longer, it feels slicker to the touch. While it’s blocking UV radiation and environmental damage, it’s also keeping the paint cleaner with a super slick finish. Menzerna Power Lock Paint Sealant is totally synthetic so it stands up well to regular washes and rain showers and it keeps on protecting your vehicle.

You’ll be impressed with the speed, shine, and slickness of Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant. Then you’ll be hooked on the outstanding paint protection.


  • Menzerna Power Lock Plus Polymer Sealant Locks in the Gloss with Advanced Polymer Paint Protection!
  • Power Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant by Menzerna is formulated with the maximum concentration of advanced polymers to enhance the gloss and protect automotive paint from the elements.
  • It’s a blend of advanced German polymers in a water-based emulsion that provides additional gloss, slickness and protection to polished paint
  • With Menzerna Power Lock Plus; colors are more vibrant, metal flake shimmers, pearl coat dazzles like never before.
  • This is a paint sealant that outperforms other sealants and rivals the finest carnauba paste wax when it comes to enhancing the appearance of automotive paint.

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