KochChemie Top Star 10L - Dashbord/Interior Dressing

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KochChemie Top Star 10L

Premium care emulsion for deep pore cleaning and freshening plastic and rubber parts page 1 of 1 such as consoles, interior trim, seals, etc. Top Star creates a long-lasting, semigloss, natural sheen and protects the surface permanently against new dirt and UV radiation. Special active ingredients keep plastic supple, have an antistatic effect and provide a new and attractive look. With fresh fragrance. With Daimler approval. Areas of use Console, interior trim, rubber seals, etc.

Recommendations for use:

Spray onto a soft sponge and apply evenly to the surfaces. Leave to dry and where necessary wipe with a microfibre cloth. Container Container

Item no: 10 L 132010

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