Koch Chemie Motorplast 5L Engine Dressing

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Introducing Koch-Chemie Motorplast 5L Engine Dressing, your solution for naturally shining and water-displacing engine, housing parts, rubber hoses, and power units in automobiles and commercial vehicles. With a pleasant scent and Daimler approval, this conserver restores treated parts to their original look while preventing dirt buildup and protecting against corrosion and environmental causes.

Key features

  • Naturally glossy and water-displacing conserver.
  • Suitable for engines, housing components, rubber hoses, and power units.
  • Complete drying (no lubricating coating) prevents dirt from clinging.
  • Permanently elastic protective film for corrosion prevention
  • Temperature resistant to 250°C.
  • Suitable for both wet and dry surfaces.

Areas of Use

  • Ideal for engines, housing parts, rubber hoses, and power units in automobiles and commercial vehicles

Recommendations for Use

  • Using a spray bottle or a cyclone, apply an even thin film to previously cleaned wet or dry surfaces.
  • Allow to dry completely for best results.


  • Check appropriateness and compatibility before usage.
  • Avoid using on surfaces where slipping is undesirable.


  • This product information is provided as advice without obligation.
  • Liability cannot be derived from this information.
  • Verify appropriateness for your unique use.

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