Koch Chemie Micro Cut & Finish P3.01 250ml

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Introducing Koch Chemie Micro Cut & Finish P3.01, the ideal solution for faultless paintwork and long-lasting protection! Our unique micro-polish, mixed with carnauba wax, provides superior performance and a dazzling finish. Here's why our product is game-changing:

  • Cutting-edge Formula: Our next generation micro-polish is designed to permanently eliminate streaks, holograms, fine scratches, and sanding marks up to P3000 grain size.
  • High Gloss Sealing: Seals your vehicle's surface with a high level of gloss and smoothness, ensuring long-term protection and improved aesthetics.
  • Brilliant Permanent Finish: Under harsh lighting circumstances, achieve a dazzling, permanent high gloss finish on dark and sensitive paint colours.
  • Mechanical Elimination: Unlike treatments that simply conceal flaws, our formula removes holograms and small scratches mechanically, ensuring greater results.
  • Micro Cut & Finish is both affordable and user-friendly, producing professional-grade results with little effort.
  • Contains Carnauba Wax: Our product, which is infused with carnauba wax and non-fugitive silicones, boosts shine while also providing additional protection against environmental elements.
  • Versatile Applications: Our solution works with all paint systems, including scratch-resistant ones, and is suitable for cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and other vehicles.
  • Optimal usage Recommendations: For best results, use our Micro-Cut Pad and an orbital polisher with forced rotation. Follow our recommended application procedure for faultless results.
  • Non-chain stitched Profi Microfiber Cloth: Use our quality microfiber cloth to finish your polishing routine without leaving any residue behind.

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