Fine Cut F6.01 1Litre

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Fine polishing compound, silicone-oil-free

Intelligent machine polish of the latest generation with unique aluminium oxide quality. The intelligent grain size ensures very quick, complete removal of wash system scratches and similar traces of use and gives the paintwork a long-lasting deep sheen. Sanding marks left behind by 2500 grade sanding media are removed effortlessly. Fine Cut F6.01 is therefore ideally suited for perfect reconditioning of medium to heavily weathered paintwork. Perfectly coordinated for the treatment of scratch-proof paint.
Cut: 6,0
Gloss: 7,0

Directions for Use:

Select a wool pad or cutting pad
Apply compound using medium pressure and at medium speed
Buff residue with soft microfibre cloth
For best results finish with Hochglanz-Antihologramm-Politur

Technical Specification:



Made in Germany

Features & Benefits:

  • Quickly removes light paintwork blemishes
  • Suitable for use with all types of paintwork including soft & scratch-proof
  • Long-lasting deep sheen
  • Low dust generation

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