Koch Chemie Clay Spray 10L

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Introducing Koch Chemie Clay Spray 10L, your go-to lubrication spray for clay bar applications, expertly formulated for professional-grade detailing. This silicone-oil-free composition provides exceptional performance, resulting in a smooth and perfect finish with no coating faults.

Key features

  • Effective Lubrication: Specifically formulated to offer gentle, low-residue lubrication for clay bars or pads, reducing surface scratching during cleaning.
  • Residue-Free: Unlike other lubricants, our Clay Spray leaves no film, making residue removal easy with a microfiber towel.
  • Extended Clay Bar Lifespan: The specialised formula keeps clay bars or pads from disintegrating, allowing them to stay much longer for cost-effective detailing.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use on smooth surfaces such as varnish and glass, providing unrivalled versatility for all your detailing requirements.

Recommendations for Use

  • To achieve the best results, simply spray undiluted over the entire area and work the moist surface with a clay bar or pad.
  • Effortless Residue Removal: Using a microfiber cloth, wipe away any residue, leaving a flawless surface that will impress.

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