Koch Chemie Motorplast Engine Dressing 500ml

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Use Koch Chemie Motorplast 500ml Engine Dressing to revitalise the appearance of your engine. This naturally shining, water-displacing conserver is intended to improve the appearance of automobile and commercial vehicle engines, housing parts, rubber hoses, and power units, while also leaving a pleasant aroma.

Key features

  • Naturally Shiny: Brings treated parts back to their original look.
  • Water-Displacing: By completely drying, it prevents dirt from clinging and leaves no lubricating layer.
  • Corrosion Protection: A permanently elastic protective layer shields power units from corrosion and other external causes.
  • Temperature Resistant: Can withstand temperatures up to 250°C for long-term performance.
  • Daimler Approval: Daimler has endorsed this product for its quality and efficacy.

Areas of Use

  • Engines
  • Housing parts
  • Rubber hoses
  • Power units of automobiles and commercial vehicles

Recommendations for Use

  1. Apply evenly to pre-cleaned wet or dry surfaces using a spray bottle or cyclone.
  2. Allow the dressing to dry for the best results.


  • Before using something, always ensure that it is suitable and compatible.
  • Avoid using on surfaces where slipping is not recommended.


  • This product information is only advisory and not legally binding. Liability cannot be derived.
  • Before using the product, make sure it is appropriate for your intended use.

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