Koch Chemie Ceramic Allround C0.02 75ml

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Ceramic Allround C0.02 75ml

Ceramic Allround C0.02 is a ceramic coating which can be used on a variety of surfaces to provide long-lasting protection. The very thin protective layer permanently bonds to the surface through a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is started by air humidity. Complete hardening is achieved after approx. nine days. Ceramic Allround C0.02 creates a very hydrophobic surface with highly advanced roll-off properties. The nature of the chemical properties make the treated surface easy to clean by hand. The achieved gloss finish is retained even after the use of acid and alkaline cleaners. The final seal of the ceramic coating protects the paintwork from environmental influences such as UV radiation, road salt, bird droppings, and rust film, as well as reducing mechanical damage, making a significant contribution to maintaining or increasing the value of the vehicle.


Before applying the painted surface should be thoroughly cleaned with an alkaline cleaner such as Green Star at 1:10. This should NOT be followed up with a sealing shampoo before the coating is applied. If the painted surface is particularly contaminated go over with a clay bar and tar wash process to remove stubborn surface contamination. If an older vehicle is to be treated then it is advised to go through a complete paint preparation process with a machine polisher, the better the finished surface before the Ceramic C0.02 is applied the better the end results, a full instruction manual is included in the kit explaining the processes advised for best results.

Kit contains: 

  • 75ml Bottle Ceramic Allround
  • Sponge Applicator
  • 5 x Suede Cloths
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • 5 x Certificate of Application
  • 5 x Date Applied Stickers
  • Application Manual

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