Menzerna Sealing Wax Protection 1 Ltr

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Menzerna Sealing Wax offers the ideal balance of authentic wax sheen and gentle cleaning capabilities. With a hint of polish, this liquid wax easily removes old wax residue and light compounding haze, going above and beyond ordinary waxing. With the following highlights, you can bring out the best in the paint of your car:

Important characteristics

Improved Genuine Wax Sheen

  • Enhances shine by clearing accumulation to expose the paint surface's brightest and most vivid colour.

Simple Liquid Recipe

  • The ideal fusion of superior carnauba wax shine and the ease of use of liquid wax.

Cleaning and polishing in one step

  • Works as a one-step cleaner wax, getting rid of both light surface haze and leftover wax.

Minimal Cut with No Marring

  • Scores a perfect 1 on Menzerna's cut scale, meaning there is no dullness or micro marring and a minimal cut.

Long-Lasting Protection

  • Protects paint with a high gloss carnauba layer that lasts for up to two washes or one to two months.

Suitable together Menzerna Polishes

  • Ideal for cleaning and protecting automobiles with mild oxidation or for preserving paintwork restored using Menzerna polishes.


By Hand

  1. To moisten the foam, mist the Applicator Pad with a fast Detailer.
  2. Put on the applicator a nickel-sized quantity of Menzerna Sealing Wax.
  3. One piece at a time, apply a small layer of wax, letting a haze develop.
  4. Use a microfiber towel to buff until the surface is shiny and smooth.

By Machine

  1. When applying Sealing Wax, make sure the surface is dry and clean and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Utilise a finishing pad made of soft foam, such Menzerna Premium Green or Premium Blue Pad.
  3. With the polisher off, apply a 6-inch line of wax to the car, covering a 2-by-2-square-foot area.
  4. Using a dual-action polisher, polish at 1200–1800 RPM (3000–4000 OPM), carefully moving across the surface before moving up and down it.
  5. Use a microfiber towel to gently buff each area, or place a microfiber bonnet over a lambs wool pad.


  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Excellent stability to ensure sustained performance.
  • Modern, simple technology for an application that is easy to use.
  • Retaining value for long-term gains.
  • Non-Stick Recipe.
  • Super Slick Surface.

Menzerna Sealing Wax can improve the look of your car and is the best option for better gloss and protection.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details Menzerna Polishing Compounds GmbH & Co. KG Industriestraße 25 76470 Ötigheim Germany
Brand Menzerna
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 28cm × 8.5cm
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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