Koch Chemie Nano Glass Coating 250ml Kit

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Introducing the Koch Chemie Nano Glass Coating 250ml Kit, a ground breaking solution for glass, mirror, and ceramic surfaces. This high-tech sealant generates a hydrophobic nano network that provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance as well as long-lasting protection. Here are the main features and suggestions for use:

Key features

  • The hydrophobic nano network forms a long-lasting seal on glass, mirror, and ceramic surfaces, decreasing dirt, bug, and ice adherence.
  • Lotus Effect: Provides an easy-to-clean surface, resulting in enhanced visibility and reduced wiper usage on vehicle windscreens.
  • Durability: Lasts for up to a year or 20,000 kilometres, providing long-term protection and peace of mind.
  • Set Includes: 250 ml of polishing milk and a nano sealant for complete surface treatment.

Areas of Use

  • Glass, Mirror, and Ceramic Surfaces

Recommendations for Use

  • Cleaning Glass Surfaces: Before applying the glass nano sealant, remove any debris and residue with Glass Star or a light cleaning clay.
  • Polishing Milk Application: Using a microfiber polishing pad, apply polishing milk evenly and buff until a dry film is formed.
  • Sealing Procedure: Apply glass nano sealant to dry surfaces at temperatures ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius, polishing until a homogeneous coating forms.


  • Super Hydrophobic: Extremely resistant to water and environmental pollutants.
  • Clean and Smooth Window: Provides crystal clear visibility and a smooth surface finish.
  • Unrivalled Clarity: Improves visibility and safety on the road, even in poor weather.

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