Poshlyf Edgeless Microfiber 40cm x 40cm Light Blue 350 GSM (25 Units)

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Poshlyf Edgeless Microfiber 40cm x 40cm Light Blue 350 GSM (25 Units) delivers an unsurpassed detailing experience. These microfiber towels are precisely developed to be the perfect solution for easy polish and wax residue removal, resulting in a scratch-free surface on black paint. These towels are a cost-effective workhorse that excels at general cleaning, polishing, and wax removal.

Key features

Effortless Wax & Polish Removal

  • Specifically designed to easily and effectively remove polish and wax residue, resulting in a pristine, showroom-worthy sheen.

Clear Coat is safe and scratch-free

  • These polishing cloths are designed to be clear coat safe and provide a scratch-free surface while keeping the integrity of black paint.

Premium Korean Microfiber

  • Crafted with the highest quality microfiber supplied from Korea, which is known for its durability and innovative fibre splitting technology.

Versatility in Applications

  • They are safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including glass, paint, and clear coat, making them an all-purpose cleaning solution.

Bulk Value Packs

  • Available in a substantial pack of 25 units at a great bulk price, delivering exceptional value for your detailing requirements.

Microfiber Advantages

  • Enjoy the enhanced benefits of microfiber, such as lint-free and scratch-free cleaning, at a low bulk cost.

Optimal Size and Weight

  • Sized generously at 40cm by 40cm and weighing a perfect 350 GSM, it strikes the ideal balance for effective and efficient detailing.

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