Poshlyf 350GSM Microfiber 40cm x 60cm Edgeless Silverline (1 Unit)

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Poshlyf 350GSM Microfiber 40cm x 60cm Edgeless Silverline towels offer the highest level of detailing. These towels, designed with a twist loop weave, redefine absorbency, making them excellent for drying in vehicles, boats, and RVs. The generous 40cm by 60cm size, along with a solid, lint-free 350gsm weight, distinguishes the Silverline. Rounded corners and TMS's precise laser-cut border enhance its performance.

Key features

Unmatched Absorbency

  • Twist loop weave provides unparalleled absorbency for effective drying on a variety of surfaces.

Optimal Size and Weight

  • With generous 40cm x 60cm dimensions and a hefty 350gsm weight, these towels are ideal for high-performance drying.

Specialised Vehicle Design

  • Engineered to dry car, marine, and RV surfaces faster, thoroughly, and softly than traditional towels.

Moisture-wicking Technology

  • Quickly and safely pulls moisture away from surfaces, resulting in a quick and effective drying process.

Quick Drying Between Uses

  • Designed to dry quickly between usage, ensuring freshness for the next detailing session.

Lint-free, tag-free

  • Precision laser-cut with no tags, delivering a lint-free and scratch-free detailing experience.

Premium Korean Microfiber

  • Crafted with the best quality AA-Grade 70/30 Blend Korean Microfiber, ensuring superior performance.

Poshlyf 350GSM Microfiber 40cm x 60cm Edgeless Silverline towels are the definition of quality and efficiency. These quick-drying, lint-free towels are designed for optimum performance on all of your vehicles and will give you a faultless finish.

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