Headlight Polish Set

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Koch-Chemie Headlight Polish Set

1 set |Finish Polish |For Vehicle Detailing |Silicone-Oil-Free |For Pad Use Only |For Exterior Use |For Professional Use |Since 1968|Made in Germany

The Headlight Polish Set gives yellowed, matt headlights a clear view again. With our perfectly coordinated polishes and pads, an optimal surface is created in just two steps. The branded black plastic case contains sanding papers of different grain sizes, a hand block with Velcro for manual sanding, Headlight Polish 1 and Headlight Polish 2 with sealing components as well as three matching pads. The included Thermo Pad allows good control over the temperature development of the material during processing, as the colour change of the pad serves as an indicator due to its thermochromic property. A total of 50 spotlights can be processed with the Headlight Polish Set. All components can be purchased separately. Set contains: 406250 250 ml Headlight Polish 1407250 250 ml Headlight Polish 2 999577 Heavy Cut Pad 76 x 23 mm 999274 Lambskin Pad 80 mm 999602 Thermo Pad 76 x 23 mm 999603 Abralon sandpaper 1.000 grit 999250 Abralon sandpaper 2.000 grit 999251 Abralon sandpaper 4.000 grit 999604 Hand block with Velcro for sandpaper


  • From the authorized importer and distributor in India
  • Innovative machine polish for the fast reworking of heavily weathered PMMA headlights
  • Elimination of scratches, and effective removal of sanding scratches from P 1000 grit.
  • For detailing of cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, etc
  • Silicon and oil-free
  • For external use
  • For professional use
  • Made in Germany

Areas of use

PMMA headlamps on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, boats, etc.

Recommendations for use

1. Clean the headlight before starting and then mask the edges of the bonnet, fenders, radiator grille, and bumper.

2. Depending on weathering, treat the headlamp surface with abrasive paper using a hand block or eccentric polishing machine. In the case of heavily yellowed headlamps, the 1,000-grit abrasive paper (coarse grain) should be used first. Then repeat this step with the 2,000 (medium grit) and 4,000 (low grit) abrasive paper until an evenly sanded surface is obtained. If the headlights are only slightly matt, the sanding can be skipped.

3. Remove the sanding traces with Headlight Polish 1 and the Heavy Cut Pad or the lamb’s wool pad. We recommend using a rotary polishing machine and applying the polish at medium speed and medium pressure in a crosswise motion.

4. Polish the surface to a high gloss with the Headlight Polish 2 and the Thermo Pad. We recommend using a rotary polishing machine and applying the high gloss polish at medium speed and medium pressure in crosstalk. Before use, please observe the legal requirements for processing headlights in your country.

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