Work Stuff BREEZE Interior Mitt

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Work Stuff BREEZE Interior Mitt 14cm x 14cm

Introducing the BREEZE Interior Mitt – your ultimate solution for superior car interior cleaning. Expertly crafted from specialized-grade microfiber, this mitt is meticulously designed to revolutionize your car interior cleaning experience. With its innovative features and ergonomic design, it's an essential tool for every discerning car detailing enthusiast.

This high-quality mitt is your versatile companion for cleaning a wide range of interior surfaces, from plastic and rubber to leather and upholstery. Equipped with a convenient thumb hanger, it securely stays on your hand, affording you enhanced control and preventing any unwanted slipping. Furthermore, the microfiber material, gentle yet highly effective, guarantees that your car's interior remains pristine without a hint of damage.

Main Features:

  • Size 14x14cm
  • Microfiber dedicated for car interior cleaning
  • Drawcord Elastic Webbing
  • Inner finger stitching

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