Chipmunk Extreme Drying Towel 600 GSM Grey with Border 80cm x 50cm

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Discover the unprecedented drying power of the CHIPMUNK EXTREME DRYING TOWEL in Grey, which is setting new standards for high-quality detailing towels. This towel, made with a super-drying premium Korean 70/30 blend and a revolutionary twist-loop hybrid design, achieves absorbency levels previously unheard of. The Chipmunk stands out in its league thanks to alternating twist loop and soft plush stripes, as well as TMS's world-class 70/30 suede border. It is the favoured choice of many automakers, collector car groups, professional restorers, and detailers worldwide.

Key features:

  • Premium Korean Microfiber: For superior quality, choose 100% Premium Korean 900gsm 70/30 Blend Split Microfiber.
  • Innovative Design: A patented twist-loop hybrid with alternating strips of twist loop and soft plush.
  • Versatile Applications: Designed to dry all car surfaces more quickly, thoroughly, and softly than traditional drying towels.
  • Quick Moisture Wicking: Quickly wicks moisture away from the surface, safely pulling it into the towel's fibres.
  • Extra Soft and Absorbent: Provides a soft and absorbent touch, allowing for quick drying between usage.
  • Scratch-Free Use: There are no tags to prevent the chance of scratches while in use.
  • Suggested Uses: An extremely versatile tool in your detailing arsenal.
  • Preferred by auto enthusiasts: Made from high-quality Korean microfiber, this is a popular choice among auto aficionados.
  • Detailer Standards: Meets and exceeds the most stringent performance and durability requirements.
  • Extreme Durability: Extremely durable, with the capacity to resist hundreds of washings while becoming softer each time.

The CHIPMUNK EXTREME DRYING TOWEL in Grey offers the best drying sensation. This towel, which is trusted by industry professionals, ensures that your vehicle is dried quickly and efficiently without leaving any scratches. Upgrade your detailing routine now!

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