Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam 1Ltr

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With Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam, a high foaming, pH neutral cleaning foam with a lovely cherry aroma, you can get the best car cleaning results. This foam shampoo is ideal for both home and commercial use, and it works great as a pre-wash when sprayed with a foam cannon or sprayer, as well as a cleaner for manual vehicle cleaning.

Key features

  • High Foaming Formula: Produces a rich, thick foam that efficiently eliminates dirt and grime.
  • pH Neutral: Gentle on surfaces, therefore it will not harm waxed or sealed surfaces.
  • Versatile Application: Can be used for pre-cleaning with foam cannons or sprayers, as well as as a cleanser for hand washing.
  • Longer Application Time: Creates a well-saturated foam layer that sticks to the entire surface, allowing for longer application times.
  • Economical Use: Ensures efficient and cost-effective cleaning.
  • Made in Germany: Since 1968, Germany has been producing high-quality products with accuracy.
  • Cherry smell: Leaves a wonderful cherry smell for a relaxing washing experience.
  • Compatibility: Can be supplemented with Koch-Chemie Green Star to remove obstinate dirt and bugs.

Instructions for use

  • For foam spraying, mix roughly 20 ml of Snow Foam with 1 litre of water.
  • Foam the vehicle with a foam sprayer, then clean with washing gloves if necessary and rinse with water.
  • Mix 50 cc of hand soap into 10 litres of water, then wash and rinse the vehicle completely.
  • Suitable for use with a foam cannon, simply add 10-30 ml of Green Star to the pre-mixed Snow Foam solution.


  • Avoid allowing the product to dry on surfaces.
  • Before using the product, run a compatibility test.

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