Mothers Contoured Tire Brush

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Curved to fit the tire!

A subtle curve gives Mothers Contoured Tire Brush a definite advantage over other tire brushes. The wide brush cleans most tires from wheel to tread. Clean tires faster and with less effort!

The handle of the brush is parallel to the brush head to give you maximum leverage as you scrub dirty tires. The rubber, textured grip gives you a comfortable and firm hold on the brush, even with wet hands.

The brush head is surrounded by rubber to buffer it if it should accidentally bump the wheel. The short, sturdy bristles are ideal for scrubbing tough rubber. The bristles are able to release dirt and oil from the rubber’s pores to leave the rubber clean and supple.

It’s important to clean your tires regularly, even if you regularly protect them with tire dressing. Silicone tire dressings can build up on the tire surface and turn brown over time. Adding more layers of dressing won’t solve this problem. You need to start again with clean, bare tires.

Mothers Contoured Tire Brush and Koch Chemie Greenstar with a dilution ratio of 1:5 will strip the tires of old dressing build-up. Follow up with fresh tire dressing, such as Koch Chemie Tire Shine – Koch Chemie Plast Star.

Mothers Contoured Tire Brush can also be used to clean exterior rubber trim and moldings.

Get your tires deep-down, totally clean with Mothers Contoured Tire Brush.

7 x 5.5 inches.


  • Handle provides control and protection
  • Contoured design is a perfect fit for tire sidewalls
  • Protective Rubberized bumper
  • Non-slip grip

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