Koch Chemie Allround Quick Shine 140 ml

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Introducing Koch-Chemie Allround Quick Shine (140ml), a versatile multi-purpose cleaner ideal for auto detailing and beyond. This all-around expert cleans, protects, and preserves all smooth and painted surfaces effortlessly. Here are the main features and suggestions for use:

Key features

  • Ideal finish for all smooth and painted surfaces.
  • Cleans, maintains, and protects paint, glass, plastic, and furniture.
  • Ideal for cockpit maintenance and post-treatment of paint and glass surfaces.
  • Produces a clean and bright surface in a single operation.
  • Universally adaptable to many surfaces.
  • Previously applied polishes or waxes remain intact.


  • Perfect finish.
  • Clean and preserve
  • Universally applicable.

Areas of Application

Paint, glass, plastic, furniture, etc.

Application recommendation

  • Spray sparingly and evenly on the surface to be treated.
  • Polish using a clean cloth to achieve a faultless finish.


  • Check for material compatibility before usage.
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.

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