Koch Chemie Heavy Cut H8.02 1Litre

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Introducing Koch Chemie Heavy Cut H8.02, the ideal option for recovering highly damaged paintwork! Here's why it's your top pick for erasing scratches and imperfections:

  • Advanced Formula: Our silicone-oil-free coarse polishing compound is specifically developed for quick reworking, removing deep scratches, paint mists, and sanding traces up to 1,500 grain.
  • High Cutting Power: Heavy Cut H8.02's incredibly uniform abrasive grain produces an extraordinarily high level of cut with an outstanding gloss level, resulting in impressive results.
  • Low Dust Formation: It can be polished for long periods of time without sticking or producing much dust, making it perfect for all paint kinds, including soft and scratch-resistant versions.
  • Versatile Applications: Daimler-approved and compatible with a wide range of surfaces, making it suitable for use on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and more.
  • Optimal Usage Recommendations: Apply using a rotary polisher and a lambskin or polishing pad at medium speed and pressure, then polish for the best finish.


  • Heavy Cut H8.02 successfully eliminates paint imperfections up to 1200 grit and leaves a glossy finish.
  • It contains specialised, extremely homogeneous abrasives that provide better cutting power and gloss enhancement.
  • Free of fillers and silicone, this product produces little dust and is easy to clean.

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