Koch Chemie Fine Cut F6.01 1Litre

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FINE CUT F6.01  1L

Refresh your vehicle's paintwork with Koch Chemie Fine Cut F6.01 1 Litre, the ultimate fine polishing product developed for professional-grade results. Crafted with accuracy and ingenuity, this silicone-oil-free product includes sophisticated characteristics designed to enhance your detailing experience.

Key features

  • Intelligent Machine Polish: Using cutting-edge technology, this fine polishing compound makes use of a unique aluminium oxide quality to deliver exceptional results.
  • Efficient Scratch Removal: The clever grain size quickly removes wash system scratches and other defects, resulting in a pristine finish.
  • Long-Lasting Deep Sheen: Experience a pristine, long-lasting shine that highlights the beauty of your vehicle's paintwork.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for reconditioning medium to badly aged paintwork, including the ability to remove sanding marks left by 2500 grade sanding media.
  • Scratch-Proof Paint Coordination: Specifically designed to treat scratch-resistant paint, assuring compatibility and optimal results.
  • Simple Directions: Choose a wool pad or cutting pad, apply compound with medium pressure and speed, and buff residue with a soft microfiber towel.
  • Silicone-Free and Oil-Free: Designed without silicone or oil, providing peace of mind and a clean working environment.
  • German-Made Quality: Made in Germany to the highest standards, ensuring dependability and performance.

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