Nanolex SiOne 100ml

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Nanolex SiOne 100ml

Nanolex SiOne is a water-based sealant that simultaneously cleanses, rejuvenates and protects automotive paint. It’s creamy, viscous composition is based on highly sophisticated abrasives and polymers to provide a perfect finishing paired with outstanding protection. Nanolex SiOne refreshes weathered paint finishes and removes micro scratches - in addition to this a highly reactive polymer sealant layer is simultaneously applied to the treated surface, leaving it highly hydrophobic with a deep gloss.

Spread a few pea-sized drops of Nanolex SiOne on a microfiber cloth/pad or a soft Nanolex foam pad and keep spreading the polish by hand or polishing machine until it becomes transparent and almost dry. Buff residue with a Nanolex Allround microfiber cloth.

Nanolex SiOne was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Directions for use

  • Ensure surfaces are thoroughly prepared for the polishing stage
  • Apply a few pea-sized drops of SiOne to a microfibre cloth/pad (manual application) or a soft foam machine polishing pad (machine polisher application)
  • Spread the product onto the targeted panel of car paintwork and work onto the surface until it becomes transparent and almost dry in appearance
  • Buff the residue away using a high-quality microfibre cloth

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