Nanolex Si3D Matte 30ml

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With Nanolex Si3D Matte, an advanced coating designed to form a durable chemical link with matte finishes, you can increase the longevity and protection of your matte paints and surfaces. This sealer, which is made to shield without adding gloss, offers strong and long-lasting protection, prolonging the cleanliness of matte surfaces and making cleaning easier.

Important characteristics

  • Specialist for Matte Surfaces: Nanolex Si3D Matte is designed to preserve surfaces, vinyl, and matte paints without sacrificing their original flat shine.
  • Chemical link: Creates a strong chemical link with matte surfaces to provide long-lasting defence against toxins in the environment.
  • Versatile Application: Offers a seamless protective coating that is appropriate for all clear-coated (lacquered) surfaces.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Ease: Preserves the immaculate appearance of matte finishes by reducing the frequency of cleaning and simplifying the process.
  • Natural Flat Sheen: Preserves the genuine matte appearance of surfaces by leaving behind a natural flat sheen.
  • German engineering: Nanolex Si3D Matte maintains the highest levels of quality and performance and was developed, tested, and produced in Germany.

How to Use

  1. Surface Preparation: Make sure there is no contamination or dust on the matte surface and that it is dry. Before applying, use Nanolex EX to get rid of any dirt, oils, and fillers.
  2. Machine polishing: To avoid haze, eliminate any oils and invisible fillers if the surface is machine polished. Use Nanolex Prewash to clean the automobile and get rid of any pollution.
  3. Application: Using a microfiber applicator pad, distribute 5–10 drops/m2 of Nanolex Si3D Matte. Apply in crisscross patterns with mild pressure.
  4. Removal of Residue: After a maximum of three minutes, use a soft microfiber cloth to remove any coating residue. Complete removal doesn't need using too much pressure.
  5. Curing Period: Prior to the first water contact, let Nanolex Si3D Matte cure on the surface for at least 12 hours (at room temperature, assuming 20°C). Do not wash the vehicle for the first 72 hours.

Change the way you preserve and protect matte surfaces by using Nanolex Si3D Matte for performance that is unparalleled. Purchase today for long-lasting matte perfection!

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