Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim 30ml

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Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim 30ml

Headlights and exterior plastic trim are made of polycarbonate, they require superior protection, especially regarding environmental impacts and sun exposure.

Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim has unrivalled characteristics. The sophisticated Polysilazane and resin ingredients on which the coating is based generate an irreversible molecular bonding with the acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces as well as all other types of hard plastic used on cars exterior.

Once applied, the coating offers outstanding UV-protection, easy-to-clean properties and scratch resistance.

In addition to the innate UV resistance of the coating, an armor of UV absorbers, radical scavengers and antioxidants guarantee optimal protection of headlights and lenses from UV-induced deterioration and environmental impacts. This cutting-edge technology also ensures that Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim is quick and easy to apply - a single layer application is all that is required to achieve maximum results.

Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

Directions for use:

  1. Ensure headlights are clear, clean & blemish-free
  2. Use Nanolex EX Residue Remover to degrease the surface
  3. Mask the surrounding area with detailing tape
  4. Apply a few drops to an applicator cloth & rub in an even layer over the headlight
  5. Ensure the product is evenly applied, avoid leaving 'blobs' of product to dry - they will require machine polishing to remove
  6. When the surface appears dry & clear, buff lightly with microfibre cloth
  7. If desired, apply a second coating immediately as applying it after the product is fully cured is more difficult
  8. Allow 24 hours curing before exposing the treated surface to the elements
  9. Product will be fully cured in around 78 hours

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