Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim 30ml

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With Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim, you can guarantee unmatched protection for the outside plastic trim and headlights on your car. This coating creates an irreversible molecular link with acrylic, polycarbonate surfaces, and other hard polymers used in automobile exteriors since it is made using sophisticated Polysilazane and resin components.

Important characteristics

  • Molecular Bonding: By creating an unbreakable molecular bond, the coating offers headlamps and external plastic trim the best possible protection.
  • UV-Resistance: Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim provides exceptional UV protection, protecting surfaces from sunlight and outside influences.
  • Simple to Clean: The coating's cutting-edge technology, which reduces dirt adherence, makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Scratch Resistance: The coating makes the headlamps and plastic trim more scratch resistant, preserving their flawless appearance.
  • Fast Application: Only one layer is needed for optimal results, making application quick and simple.
  • UV Absorbers & Antioxidants: The best defence against UV-induced degradation is provided by an armoury of UV absorbers, radical scavengers, and antioxidants.
  • German engineering: Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim maintains the highest levels of quality and performance because it was designed, tested, and manufactured in Germany.

How to use

  1. Surface Preparation: Make certain that the headlights are spotless, clean, and unclouded. To remove oil from the surface, use Nanolex EX Residue Remover.
  2. Masking: To prevent accidental application, use detailed tape to mask the surrounding area.
  3. Application: Dab a few drops on an applicator cloth and cover the headlight in a uniform layer. Make sure to apply evenly to prevent "blobs" from drying.
  4. Buffing: Using a microfiber cloth, gently buff the surface until it seems dry and clear. You can apply a second coating right away for extra protection.
  5. Curing Period: Give the treated surface a full day to cure before exposing it to the weather. A full cure takes about 78 hours to complete.

Upgrade the durability and aesthetics of the headlights and trim on your car by selecting Nanolex Si3D Headlight & Trim for the best possible protection. Experience the newest in surface care technology by placing your order today!

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