Rupes MARK II LHR 15 Random Orbital Polisher (Machine Only)

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The nxt generation of Rupes is here – The Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 and LHR15 MarkII Polishers. Built with SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE in mind & all features that made the original Rupes LHR 21 & 15 one of the best, the new Rupes MarkII series are going to steal your heart. Sort your paint quicker faster and more efficiently than ever before. Improvements have been made to both the body, chassis, and motor, the Rupes LHR15 Mark II provides 30% more efficiency than the original machines, making correcting your paint smoother than ever before.

The super smooth experience is what you’ve been waiting for. Improvements made to the body of the tool feature a stronger, reinforced housing. With its sturdy new housing, the insides of this machine are much better protected.

Also new on the Rupes BigFoot LHR15 MarkII are rubber inserts INSIDE the tool that improve the handling and provide a better level of comfortability while in use. The new rubber tool rest on top of the machine allows you to set the polisher down pad-up and not contaminate either your pad or the paint you’re working on.

Now to the information we’ve been looking for: the new Rupes BigFoot LHR15 Mark11 motor specs. The LHR15 Mark11 does feature a higher starting RPM (2500 compared to the original LHR15’s 2000), giving it a little more power and torque to the buffing pad. The 500 watt power draw is the same, but the LHR15 MarkII feels a little more powerful.
  • The new rupes lhr 15 mark ii big foot random orbital polisher is now 30% more efficient than the original lhr 15es!
  • Shorter than the orbit of the LHR 21 Mark II and is perfect for working in contoured areas and narrow surfaces
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