Poshlyf Applicator Cloth Grey 10 cm x 10 cm 5 Units

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Enhance your detailing experience with Poshlyf Applicator Cloth Grey, which comes in a compact 10 cm x 10 cm dimension and a pack of 5. These cloths are tailored for flawless coating application and will boost your finish to perfection.

Key features

Finest AA-Grade South Korean Microfiber

  • Precision-crafted from the highest quality Korean microfiber, which is preferred by expert detailers for its outstanding effectiveness.
Soft and self-absorbing suede

  • Get an unparalleled finish with the softest, self-absorbing suede application cloths available.

Lint-Free, Tag-Free, and Non-Abrasive

  • Use a lint-free, tag-free, and non-abrasive cloth to ensure a smooth application process.

Straight-cut, edgeless design

  • Designed by detailers for detailers, with a straight-cut edgeless design for smooth, professional application of coatings and finishes.

Versatile applications

  • Ideal not only for coatings, but also for cleaning, wiping and polishing lenses, displays (cell phone, tablet, computer), jewellery, cutlery, chrome and other metallic surfaces.

Safe for Electronic Equipment

  • Dependable on electronic devices and delicate glass surfaces.

Contaminant Notes

  • Because of the suede cloth's efficiency, maintain cleanliness to avoid scratches from pollutants picked up during previous use.
Poshlyf Applicator Cloth Grey is the ultimate of quality, design, and value. Transform your coating experience with these professionally made cloths!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details
Brand Poshlyf
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 10cm x 10cm
Country of Origin South Korea
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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