AEG Polisher PE 150 (Rotary)

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AEG Rotary Polisher combines a two-speed geared motor and trigger-controlled speeds from 900 – 2,400 RPM for versatility across a range of polishing surfaces. Speeds can also be easily preset. At just 2.1 kg, it features a removable, adjustable handle and balanced ergonomic design for ideal power transfer.

Versatile at Every Speed
With a trigger-activated speed control, the AEG Rotary Polishers is just the polisher you need — for an entire range of polishing jobs. This sleek, lightweight (2.1 kg) rotary polisher features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold and to use even for long periods. Its design affords minimal distance between the tool and the pad, and either of two removable, adjustable side handles help ensure the best angle for individual operators and the ideal transfer of power into your polishing work.

Electronically controlled smooth start-up ensures the polisher starts without jolting. The RAP 150-14 operates from 90000 to 2,400 RPM. You control the speed at the trigger — light pressure keeps the pad rotating at lower speeds, heavier pressure increases RPM at any time to suit your work. To maintain a single speed, engage the easy-to-reach locking button. Or, you can preset the speed for initial application of material, polishing sensitive surfaces or high gloss polishing using the adjusting wheel. Electronic controls ensure the polisher operates at consistent speed even under differing loads.

Safety and Efficiency Built In
The AEG PE150 also features internal protections to the tool itself for long life. The power supply and speed are capped by a temperature-dependent overload protection system that reduces power when the tool becomes too hot; a ventilator rapidly cools the motor, and full power returns once it returns to normal temperature range. A current limiting system also decreases motor speed in the event the pad encounters too much load pressure, and resumes normal speed once the load is removed. The Carbon Brushes have automatic cut-off mechansim.

About AEG

AEG POWERTOOLS promises to draw upon its heritage and deliver exciting, high performance, innovative working solutions for the professional trades men of today and the future.

Since being founded, AEG POWERTOOLS has been leading the way in new product development. By introducing the first transportable drilling machines in 1898, portable powertools were born. Over 100 years later AEG are still offering the professional user innovative, powerful solutions… PROUD PAST… EXCITING FUTURE…

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